The Magic Wakes

Deleted Scenes


Remember, some scenes are cut for a reason. Read at your own peril!

Cut scenes with the Dragumon--

(I wanted to show that Kansisi wasn't like Shishali.)


    Kansisi stood by the river below the caves that had been his first home. There were so many happy childhood memories in this place. The peaceful rush of water and the smell of mossy rocks filled his senses. He cringed when he heard the shuttle fly overhead. It settled nearby and Shishali strode over to him.

    “What are you doing out here? We need you in the city.” She demanded.

    “Shishali, you don’t need me now, I’m not sure you ever did.” He continued his walk along the river.

    “What are you talking about?” Her eyes narrowed as she caught up to him.

    “I know about you and Nysyk. I’m letting you know that it’s fine with me. I don’t have enough anger left to keep up with you anymore.”

    “Kansisi, you are stupid. You don’t have to keep up with me for us to have a family together. Give me time to study the documents in the Dragnot library. For all we know, everything is back to normal, just by returning to the planet.”

    Kansisi studied her face, trying to gage her intent. He never realized how cold and hard she could be until they returned to Sendek. When they were children, she had watched from the sidelines until he invited her to join the group. She always had great ideas for the games they should play. Remembering back, he realized most of the games were her idea, but he convinced everyone to go along with it. They followed him when they would not follow Shishali. Did they see something in her that he never had?

    “Do you remember that night I saved you on the cliffs? It was about a month after Elvin died.” He watched her closely, but she turned her back on him.

    “I remember.” Shishali mumbled.

    “You weren’t really in danger of falling where you?”

    Shishali turned back to Kansisi, stepped close and rested her hands on his arms. “Does it matter?”

    “I guess not. Did you get what you wanted Shishali?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I mean, I’ve known you for nine hundred years and I have no idea what you want. Have you found it here on Sendek?”

    She dropped her arms and every muscle in her face tightened. Her hard eyes glittered in the sunlight. “Let’s just say I’m close to getting what I want.”

    Kansisi shook his head. “What will you do when there is no one left to kill?”

    “There will always be someone to kill.” She laughed. “We will keep enough of them alive to ensure that.”

    “Why do you have to crave blood and pain above all else?”

    “It’s not the blood, but the power. Don’t you want our children to be the rightful leaders of this world? Strong and unconquerable?”

    “What about love, kindness, diplomacy? Do these traits mean anything to you?”

    “Kansisi, all of those things will come in time when this world is truly ours. We can discuss this later. I’m here because no one has heard from Nysyk’s team since yesterday. In the last report they were ready to spring the trap.”

    “I’m sure they are fine.” Kansisi’s shoulders slumped.

    “And if they are not? They were about to attack two unknown mage. What if the mage are stronger than we remember?”

    “Very well, let’s go find your lover.” Kansisi walked to the shuttle, knowing from experience that Shishali would not leave him in peace until he gave in.




    It only took an hour to find the ship. A quick look around proved it to be empty. Bio-scans showed no life signs in the area. Kansisi flew slowly over the area in circles around the ship. They almost didn’t find the bodies, but as they flew over the waterfall Shishali caught a glimmer of reflected light.

    “What happened?” Shishali’s voice was softer than Kansisi had ever heard it. “Take us down.”

He unknowingly set down on the same ledge the mage had the night before. Using their powerful arms, legs and taloned hands, they climbed down the cliff to the crevice floor. The thundering water echoed Shishali’s heart pounding.

    One, two, three…where was the fourth body? She found it behind the waterfall.

    “Kansisi!” She yelled his name and pointed to Nysyk’s body.

    Kansisi slowly turned the body over. The long jagged cut across the abdomen gaped at them.

    “How could they have done this?” Shishali cradled Nysyk’s head in her hands. Reaching down, she removed his sensor from his arm and put it on hers. “I will hunt them down myself. They will pay for this.”

    Kansisi’s shoulders slumped and he stared at the ground. Shishali glared at him as his emotions shut off. He was running away, hiding within himself the same way he did when Elvin died. Well, she wouldn’t drag him out of it this time. Let him rot in hell for not being strong enough to face the problem.

    “It should have been you lying here, not Nysyk.” She whispered the words, knowing he would not hear them over the roar of the waterfall. 

    “Let’s get back to the city.” Kansisi’s voice came out stiff.

    “We should take their bodies back.” The passion in her voice pushed Kansisi farther away.

    “What would we do with them?”

    “We can’t leave them here in the open.” Shishali lowered Nysyk’s head to the ground and got up in Kansisi’s face. “At least help me push them into the water.”

    They dragged the Draguman to the edge of the hole, gouged out by the water, and pushed them in. The force of the water drove them into the rocky bottom where they stayed.

Neither Shishali nor Kansisi recognized the lingering scent of a dragon on the bodies.

Jewel's POV Scene

    When Jewel flew over Joharadin, she smelled the Draguman. As the last dragon on Sendek, she was free to give way to her revulsion at the thought of them. Their creation had been a mistake, but in the end they did bridge the gap between dragons and humans. She worked with humans now.

    These humans had mage blood, but they were untrained. Perhaps that was why she could tolerate them. Respectful, eager to learn what she could teach. Elvin and the other mages had always seen themselves as equals at best and masters of the dragon-kin at their worst.

    It was good she didn’t plan to stay long enough for these humans to feel that way towards her. As soon as the unbinding was complete, she would visit this world one last time before opening a portal and slipping away.

© 2012-2019 by Charity Bradford


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