The Magic Wakes

Deleted Scenes


Remember, some scenes are cut for a reason. Read at your own peril!

A scene from the month on Meir's ship--when the women get bored, Eleena tells them a story.


"Would you like to learn about the constellations and the stories behind them?"

Heads nodded. This was one of my favorite subjects. Although they were fables, the stories were full of beautiful, strong people who did all they could to overcome the enemy.

"How many of you know the constellation mata'ariki?" Two or three hands went up. "From my homeworld, mata'ariki is a super bright star surrounded by a cluster of other stars. It's easy to find and has a beautiful legend to accompany it."

"I think I've heard of this one. Doesn't the name mean the eyes of Atua?" Ulla leaned forward.

"Yes, that's one of its meanings. Atua sees all with his many eyes, watching over the universe. I've always like that one, but there's another story that's dear to me because of my father. It was his favorite. It goes like this.

"Once, long ago before the very first story was ever told, the sky father fell in love with the earth mother. She twirled and danced before him, but she was always just out of reach. Then he found a way to leave his home in the sky to fall at her feet.

"Their love was fierce and they had many children. As those children grew, they crowded Mother Earth, destroying all of her beauty.

"Father Sky was so angry he flung the children far and wide into the heavens. They landed on other worlds and began again, but it was too late. Mother Earth was dying. Father Sky wept bitter tears that cleansed her body, but couldn't save her life. 

"His anger grew and grew until he left his body in an explosion that burned the earth. Once again Father was a part of the universe. He found Mother's soul drifting in space and carried her to his original home where he gathered the stars to stand as sentinels, to watch over and protect her. 

"It is said that whenever Father Sky grows angry with their children, Mother Earth whispers and calms him even now."

Several of the women sighed.

"Such a tragic love story." Ulla wiped at her cheeks.

"I don't think it's tragic." Harper had wrapped her arms around her waist, hugging herself. "They are together now and forever. You can't ask for anything better than that."

My heart ached for Harper, and I had to swallow my own tears. I'd lost a friend, but she'd lost so much more when Iri died. For once, I was grateful I'd never really fallen in love.

© 2012-2019 by Charity Bradford


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