Charity’s childhood was full of adventure. From the first grade on, she moved from Kentucky to Alabama to Kentucky to Alabama to…well you get the idea. Although the moving didn’t help her grasp of mathematics, it fostered a deep love of books since those were the friends she could always take with her. Her family settled in Tennessee about the same time she started Jr. High.

The small rural community provided life experiences that she often wishes she could give to her children. She ran wild over forty acres and learned to drive at the age of twelve. Between books, she shot bee-bee guns, stacked firewood, worked in a garden, hauled water (because they didn’t have running water!), and decided that one day she wanted to see her name on a book in the library.

In high school she started writing stories, but never managed to finish a full length novel. She put her writing dreams on hold, finished HS and headed to Brigham Young University where she finally filled those gaps in her math knowledge with a degree in Elementary Education. A year before graduating, she married her high school sweetheart and they started their family right away. By the time her hubby finished grad school, they had three kids with one on the way.

Having lived more life, suffered heart ache and a near death experience, she decided it was time to make that dream of becoming a published author a reality. She started writing and entered the blogging community to learn all she could about the craft and industry. In the end she learned that the best rule for writing is to follow your heart.

Charity lives in Northwest Arkansas, loves to dance, camp, hike, bake and eat. She loves to eat so much that she started running after her fourth child was born. She has now run five 1/2 marathons and multiple 5ks. She also enjoys cake decorating.

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